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Do you know what are the 5 food types which are poisionous to your dog ?

| Ads Categories | August 29, 2020

Useful to know . Read this here : shorturl.at/ahoI3

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The unhappy Pet store…

| Ads Categories | August 28, 2020

I have just watched a tv documentary of the challenges of a Pet Store.

This Pet Store is located in a busy section of the city –lots of people walking around but they don’t seem to want to enter this Pet shop.

What is happening?

First competition with a bigger store. There is one just down the road. The bigger store sells goods at a cheaper price because they buy in bulk, their goods have more variety, the shop has a modern layout and workers better trained in customer’s relations.

As for our store, is in need of re painting, better layout, better goods display and it has to fix its prices problem. Many things to sort out.

Certainly, it would be helpful if the Pet Store could promote itself. If this shop is in Kuching, I would advise it to advertise with us. We have people visiting us, and many will read about them. They would become its customers.

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Eggs and Dogs – Superfood?

| Ads Categories | September 26, 2018

There has been quite a few discussions around the benefits of feeding dogs raw eggs, and what the benefits are.

Raw eggs are a good source of:

1. Vitamin A
Important to promote vision, and healthy reproduction system

2. Riboflavin(vitamin b2)
Promotes muscle strength, growth of bones and hair.

3. Panthothenic acid,
Aids in growth, and especially important for growing dogs. Research has shown without Panthothenic acid, growth ceased and “respiration and heart rate became rapid, and death with coma followed quickly.” Source: https://www.cabdirect.org/cabdirect/abstract/19421401132

4. Vitamin D
Responsible for absorption of essential minerals, including calcium (bone) and deficiency can possibly cancer

The list above lists some of the benefits of feeding raw eggs. There are other minerals and vitamins I have not listed. It is for this reason I have started using raw eggs, at twice per week, and hoping to see benefits.

Do you feed your dog raw eggs?

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Flea, Ticks, Heartworms, Roundworms and Whipworms

| Ads Categories | September 2, 2018

Dogs and cats are vulnerable to diseases that are carried by fleas, ticks and infections by parasites, including heartworms, roundworms and whipworms can be fatal if not treated early.

There are numerous techniques to control these infection, including, washing, inspection and combing. However, with parasites, these can be spread by mosquitoes. We are now entering the wet season, where the population of mosquitoes can be expected to increase.

Whilst fleas and ticks can be visually spotted, parasites are generally internal and cannot be visually seen. Physical signs include:

1. Mild persistent cough
2. Fatigue
3. Decreased appetite
4. Appearance of swollen belly

The list above is not definitive, but is a guide. Here at PetsAdsBiz we have been using Nexgard Spectra. It comes in chewable form, and has active chemical to protect against fleas and various parasites. It’s from Boehringer Ingelheim, and is a trusted source in the medicine world. For more information, please visit http://nexgardspectra.com.au/

Give it to your cat or dog, and protect them from the parasites, ticks and fleas.

If you are interested in purchasing some, please get in contact.

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    A German brand pet food would soon be available in Malaysia

    | Ads Categories | December 18, 2015

    According to an article in the Star Online Malaysian Pet Food market is worth  RM $300 million. The Pet Food are mainly imported from Thailand , Europe , Australia and US and consist of Dry and Wet Food  . I wonder , any from China ?

    A German brand would soon be available .

    Read this here : The Star Online Nov 18 2015

    German pet food manufacturer, Josera Gmbh and Co KG, has appointed Borneo Pets World Sdn Bhd as its sole distributor and strategic partner to access the Asean pet market.

    Josera pet food export manager Mark Egner said the company’s product is available in more than 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and other regions.

    The company is now ready to leverage on its strong brand position, experience and the regional strength of Borneo Pets.

    “We plan to turn Malaysia into a strong regional pet industry hub, as it has a strategic geographical position in Asean,” he told reporters at a document exchanging event in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

    Egner said driven by the rapid growth of the Asian middle class, the pet industry in Asean is expected to reach RM44 billion by 2020.

    The value of Malaysia’s pet industry currently is estimated at RM1 billion and its pet food component of RM300 million is expected to grow to RM500 million by 2020.

    Josera, with 70 years of experience, is among Europe’s top three pet food manufacturing companies and has won many industry awards. In 2014, it was named the best pet food provider by the German Pet Food Industry.

    Meanwhile, Borneo Pets, headed by Dr Thomas Jong, has 20 years’ experience in the pet industry.

    It will be conducting a distribution programme of pet food which includes developing effective market channels to support pet stores and veterinarians, pet food promotions, and public awareness activities. – Bernama

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    Having a little dog at home may calm your children

    | Ads Categories | December 14, 2015

    Dr Anne Gadomski and her team at the Bassett Medical Center in New York discovered that the presence of a dog in a home reduced children’s anxiety.

    The study shines new light on the benefits that dogs bring to children and demonstrates that man’s best friend reduces anxiety levels in the young.

    Dogs have once again been shown to be very good for children’s health in a new study published in the journal Preventive Chronic Disease.

    Their study was carried out over 18 months on a sample of 643 children with an average age of 7 who came for an annual consultation to a pediatric primary care facility in New York. Of these children, 73% had a pet, and 58% had a dog. Twenty-one per cent of the children did not have a pet at home.

    The researchers used DartScreen, an online test used to measure a child’s health risks. Through various questions put to the parents about the child’s physical activity, food, emotional difficulties, anxiety, behaviour, concentration, and parental depression, they sought to measure the mental health of the child. They also included the question “Do you have a dog at home?”


    Their findings showed that the children with a dog at home had lower anxiety scores than those who did not. The researchers noted that 21% of the children who had a high DartScreen score did not have a dog at home, whereas 12% of the children whose anxiety levels could be considered high, did have a dog.

    The team noted that the anxiety score was higher for the girls, but they did not observe any difference in BMI, level of physical activity or screen time between the children who had a dog and those who did not.

    dog happy children panting

    By creating a bond, stimulating conversation and facilitating social interaction, a canine companion helps to increase levels of oxytocin (the hormone which plays a role in attachment and the mother-child bond) and to reduce levels of cortisol (a hormone which controls our metabolism). This process reduces the response to stress, say the researchers, who attempted to understand what mechanisms were behind this link.

    Childhood mental illness, behavioural problems and obesity are significant public health problems in the US. One in eight children is said to suffer from anxiety.

    A lot of scientific research has already demonstrated the benefits of dog ownership. The most popular pet is associated with a reduction in excess weight and asthma and it is said to have a positive impact on children with cancer by stabilising their heart rate. – AFP Relaxnews

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    Keeping tarantulas ( spiders ) as Pets .

    | Ads Categories | December 3, 2015

    The Borneo Post reported that a Pet lover in Miri breeds tarantulas for Pets . According to Wikipedia  Tarantulas comprised of ” a group of large and often hairy arachnids belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, of which approximately 900 species have been identified.”.

    Here is a picture of a tarantulas or spider . Picture copied from Wikipedia :


    The following article is written by Cindy Lau and published in the Borneo Post of July 27 2015 has this to stay  :

    MIRI: With keeping cats and dogs as pets becoming too mainstream, youngsters and children now turn to rearing exotic pets like tarantulas which is gaining popularity.

    “They are often thought to be scary, but the truth is they actually are a gentle creature. They love their own space, keep to their own privacy and more importantly, their maintenance is low,” Royce Wee told The Borneo Post when met at his home recently.

    At a young age of 24, Wee already owns more than 100 kinds of tarantula species, becoming one of the biggest local spider owners and sellers here.

    “I was not a big tarantula fan to begin with, but circa 2012 when I chanced upon a visit to an exotic animal exhibition held in Permymall, I was fascinated by how they (owners) could handle the species, I fell in love with them,” he said.

    Brazilian Black Tarantula from Brazil.

    Providing the tarantulas a safe and comfortable home is vital, he stressed.

    “After several trials and errors, which I experienced when using different kinds of material to make a home for them, including through researches I found from the Internet, a glass box with fitted cover complete with sterilised coco peat makes the best home, as it not only secures the creature from escaping it also looks nice from outside. After all, it is not nice to give non-spider lovers a scare,” he said cheekily.

    Meanwhile, for smaller-sized spiders, Wee said they are kept separately in plastic bottles. He claimed that he had spent more than RM10,000 on purchasing these tarantulas from foreign countries as well as on maintenance.

    “Unlike other pets like cats and dogs, tarantulas are selective with food. I specially bought Dubia roaches (Blaptica dubia) imported from USA. As a pair of a male and female costs about RM4, I’ve decided to breed them to cope with the huge demand,” he said.

    Wee confessed that initially his family was against his tarantula obsession.

    “Traditionally, the older generation has this perception against keeping tarantula at home or as pet, claiming it is a bad omen. Eventually, the growing popularity of keeping spider as pet has broken that taboo.

    “To be honest, tarantulas might look scary, but they too are facing threat surrounding them. Ants are their biggest enemy. The latter move and act in groups with tens to hundreds of them at one time. As a spider lives alone, it defends itself using only its mouth and is easily defeated.”

    To date, Wee has kept numerous breeds namely from Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, England, Amazon, Af rica and Venezuela.

    “Some of the breeds include Curly Hair (which is also my favourite), Red Knee (Mexico), Brazilian Black (Brazil), Salmon Pink Bird-eater (Africa) and Green Bottle Blue (Venezuela).”

    Wee quipped that in recent years there has been a high demand for tarantulas among local youngsters.

    “People are growing fond of them, this is not only good for my business but I am impressed with how people learn to appreciate these gentle creatures. Each of the spiders can fetch RM30 up to RM3,000 according to popularity.”

    Wee admitted that a tarantula’s bite is venomous but most of them are not deadly.

    “I have personally been bitten a few times, which I think is due to the way I handle them. Being too rough would trigger their defence system. Apart from biting, tarantulas tend to kick their legs, which lead to hair falling off their feet. The hair can cause allergy on the skin if not washed off quickly,” he pointed out.

    Wee further shared his experience of witnessing

    his favourite tarantula, Curly Hair, mating and producing baby tarantulas.

    “The mating process was from six to eight months. Before the mating process, I made sure the female is fed because it would devour the male after mating.

    “Two months later, with 600 eggs that were all wrapped nicely in a cobweb looking like a huge white egg, I took them out before they burst and nurse the baby spiders until they matured. It is an interesting observation and great learning opportunity,” he said.

    Another interesting thing, he said, is when the tarantula changes its skin, which happens once every few months.

    “Right before the process of exiting the old skin, these creatures would look like ‘dead’ with legs right up. The process of exiting their old skin could take few hours to two days depending on the size.”

    Due to his popular tarantula profile, Wee is often invited to various exhibitions. From time to time, Wee would search online for latest information relating to new found tarantula species.

    “It is fascinating to see such a passion by researchers in foreign countries,” he said.


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    “Smartheart Cat Show 2015 ” , in Brunei

    | Ads Categories | November 16, 2015

    Just let you know that “smartheartcatshownov2015 SmartHeart Cat Show 2015 ” would be held on Nov 27 to Nov 29 2015 at

    Place : Yayasan Complex Mall

    Jalan McArthur BA 2110

    Bandar Seri Begawan


    If you are taking part last day for the registration of your Cat is on Nov 20 . Registration Form is available in the facebook account of SmartHeart .  Even if you are not taking part , the Committee invites you to attend and enjoy the functions organised .

    For more information check the facebook account as https://www.facebook.com/events/776979779069033/



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    Cat show May 17 2015 in Rimba , Brunei

    | Ads Categories | May 11, 2015

    Please click to enlarge .



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    MIRI Trade Fair ( May 7 to 10 2015 )

    | Ads Categories | May 7, 2015

    Do you know that there is a Trade Fair in Miri ? Do attend .

    It would be held on May 7 to 10 2015 . Time from 10 am to 8.30 pm .

    If you are there please visit  the Pet Fair featuring exotic animals such as pythons, corn snake, four-foot crocodile, baby crocodile, alligator from the Amazon, monitor lizard, varieties of birds, and over 20 types of spiders.

    Admission for the Pet Fair, jointly organised by Miri Crocodile Farm and Wildlife Park, Royce’s Tarantula and V-Pet Centre, is RM5 per person and part of the proceeds will go to Miri Autism Association.


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