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Biodegradable Pet Coffins

| Blog | September 3, 2018

I friend of mine provides a service to bury and sometime cremate pets .
For this he has to collect the body from the house and then bury it or sent to a crematorium . He would put the ashes into a $5 ceramic urn and changed $50 for it . He charges from $200 to $500 for a pet dog . Pet owners are prepared to pay for this services . It shows you how much they loved their pets .

Here is another story of how someone made biodegradable pet coffins for their Pets .


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Please note : Pets shows in Miri from Aug 30 2018 to Sept 2 2018 .

| Blog | August 30, 2018

Pets exhibited includes ” snakes, tarantulas , frogs, hedgehogs, tarantulas, scorpions and a variety of lizards.”

Place : 18th Miri Trade Fair, in Miri , Sarawak .

The Pets show is orgainised by ” The pet show, called ‘Wild Friends of RRSS Students’, is organised by Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS).”

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An event in Kuching : Loving your Dog on Sept 15 to 16 2018

| Blog | August 22, 2018

Sarawak Kernel Association is holding an event to promote a health relationship with your loving pet.

This will be held in Sept 15th – Sept 16th 2018. Early bird registration expires 3rd September 2018.

For more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/215206742450157/

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Foreign objects found in pet food

| Blog | August 14, 2018

Pet food industry in Australia is facing calls for regulation after recent cases of plastic moulds being found in kibble. In one particular case, around 74 cases of megaoesophagus has afflicted dogs in Melbourne, Australia. This has prompted the manufacture (Mars) to recall the product (https://www.advancepet.com.au/update-on-advance-dermocare-product-recall/).

Currently the industry is self regulating and has a voluntary compliance. In light of these cases, some owners have gone towards feeding their pets self prepared meat and vegetable. It is important to ensure the diet is balanced, and under no circumstances should bones be cooked. Cooked bones may splinter and cause serious harm to dogs.

What are you feeding your pet today?

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Dogs owners are advised not to feed their dogs raw chicken especially chicken neck

| Blog | April 17, 2018

This advice is for Pet owners who feed their pets raw chicken meat .
You are advised not to . Here are the reasons why :

” Dog owners have been advised to avoid feeding their pets raw chicken after researchers found a link between the meat and a rare and potentially fatal form of canine paralysis.
Key points:

University of Melbourne study warns against feeding dogs raw chicken meat, especially necks
Consumption of raw meat increases chances of catching polyradiculoneuritis, or APN
Researchers find link with small dogs, which are more likely to eat chicken necks

Researchers at the University of Melbourne’s U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital found dogs which eat raw chicken meat, especially chicken necks, have an increased risk of developing the paralysing condition polyradiculoneuritis, also known as APN.

Chicken necks have long been recommended to pet owners for dental health, especially for smaller dog breeds, and are readily available in supermarkets.

The study’s findings confirmed a “significant association” between APN and smaller canines.

Matthias le Chevoir, the chief investigator of the project, said the cause of APN had long been unknown, but the results were concerning given a growing trend to feed dogs raw meat diets.

“We would recommend that owners choose regular dog food rather than chicken necks until we know more about this debilitating condition,” the researchers wrote in the study.
Debilitating symptoms

The paralysis is linked to an unregulated immune system in the dog, which results in attacks on its own nerve roots and Dr le Chevoir said it could be fatal.
A whole raw chicken on a bench.
Photo: Researchers at the University of Melbourne advise against feeding dogs raw chicken meat. (Flickr: catharticflux)

“It is a rare but very debilitating condition where the dog’s hind legs first become weak and then may progress to affect the front legs, neck, head and face,” he said.

“Some dogs may die from the disease if their chest becomes paralysed.

“Most dogs eventually recover without treatment but it may take up to six months or more in some cases.

“It can be difficult for owners to nurse their pet until the condition gradually improves.”
Research confirms theories

The paralysis is the dog form of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) in humans, which is often triggered by the bacteria campylobacter, which may be present in undercooked chicken.

Considering this, the researchers studied the faeces of more than 70 dogs.

They found those with symptoms of APN were more likely to have had a campylobacter infection than those without, according to the study’s lead author Lorena Martinez-Anton.

“We predict that the microbe campylobacter is likely to be the reason for the dysregulation of the dog’s immunity and therefore, the symptoms of paralysis,” Dr Martinez-Anton said.

“These bacteriological results were consistent with the hypothesis that the uncooked chicken meat was the source of the campylobacter and as a result, triggered APN.”

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12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

| Blog | December 18, 2016

Afraid of owning a pet dog because you have children? Or you don’t know what to do with your four-legged buddy since your child has arrived? Well, most parents, especially first time parents, are very much apprehensive as to raising children alongside having pet dogs in the house. This is due to the stigma society has imposed – that dogs are danger to kids, dogs cause allergies, and dogs are dirty.

On the contrary, given the new age, the costs of having pet dogs and raising your children with them trample all these so-called problems. In fact, studies have shown that families who own a dog or two in the household who grew up with their pet dogs are happier, are closer, and are both healthy mentally and physically.

Among the perks of child rearing and having pet dogs are building relationships, boosting self-esteem, lowering stress levels, and being active. Children can easily develop a great deal of trust to their immediate surroundings, this being the pet dog. If at an early age, children are taught to love their furry buddies, the respect, responsibility, and relationship building will soon follow. This also in turn will help develop the child holistically.

Of course, parents play a major impact because children tend to take their parents as their models. So, as role models, parents should show how to be responsible for the pet, how to show love, respect and compassion, and build that trust.

Check out the well-crafted infographic below and discover the beauty of owning a pet while also raising your children at home. Maybe one day, we could all get rid of the stigma that has plagued dog owners with children worldwide.


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Human Food that is dangerous to your Pets .

| Blog | September 17, 2016

We love our Pets . We over fed them thinking that what is good for us , human is also good for the Pets . At worse they grow fat from the food  and at worse what we give them maybe harmful to their health .

Such foods like garlic and onion are best advoided . Even raw eggs and cow milk maybe harmful .

I have copied an article which is prepared by the RSCPA of Sarawak entitled ” human food which is dangerous to Pets . Copied from the Borneo Post dated Sept 17 2016 . Hope you would advices given helpful when feeding your Pets .

Human food that is dangerous to pets

Paws-for-Thought-LOGO---X-tDID you know that onions and garlic in any form – fresh, dried, powdered and cooked – can cause anaemia in both cats and dogs? A group of friends were talking about the quality of pet food available locally and the subject of what our pets can and cannot eat came up.

Most of us know that we shouldn’t give chocolate to our pets, but did you know things like grapes, raisins and avocados are also a big no-no for your furry companions?

What’s not good for them?

As mentioned, onions and garlic destroy the red blood cells of our pets and leads to anaemia.

Alcohol has the same effect on pets as it does on humans but can be more harmful to their liver and brains in smaller amounts than it takes to affect us humans.

Caffeine in coffee, tea and some commercial drinks causes rapid breathing and heart palpitations and could cause fits.

Grapes and raisins seem to affect animals within a single day and can lead to rapid kidney failure. It is not exactly known why it affects the kidneys but even small amounts can harm them!

At the SSPCA Shelter and in the foster homes, we all know that you don’t give cow’s milk to pets, especially young kittens and puppies. Cow’s milk is not the same as the milk a mother cat or dog produces. It is too rich for their digestive systems and causes diarrhoea in the young babies. If you have found an abandoned puppy or kitten and want to nurse it, but you only have a carton of milk at home, then you have to dilute it with four parts of warm water before giving it to the animal.

Goat’s milk is better for young animals as it is closer to what their mothers would produce.

If your pet has skin problems, it could be caused by eating raw eggs. An enzyme found in the raw egg may interfere with the absorption of Vitamin B, which could be the underlying cause of skin and coat problems.

Macadamia nuts on their own or in biscuits or chocolates, are toxic and can cause paralysis in the hindquarters of dogs.

This brings us to chocolates. All chocolates – from white chocolate to dark chocolate – should never be fed to a cat or a dog. High levels of consumption can cause nervous system dysfunction, besides the other usual symptoms of toxins in the body.

How can you tell that your pet is feeling the effects of these forbidden foods?

Most common symptoms of poisoning or toxicity are vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, loss of appetite, elevated body temperature, laboured breathing and rapid heart rate, muscle tremors and a loss of coordination.

Continued consumption of all of these foods mentioned will lead to premature death in your pets.

Take your pet to the veterinary clinic immediately if your pet displays any of these symptoms.

If the vet prescribes pills and antibiotics and you have difficulty inserting the pills into your dog’s throat, you can hide the pill in a chunk of soft cheese or bread. You can toss a few pieces of cheese or bread and let your dog catch them.

At some point throw in the piece with the pill wrapped in it and your dog will most probably swallow that piece without even realising it.

Be observant of your pet’s behaviour and if you think it is not behaving or eating in the usual manner, then a trip to the vet would be advised.

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Exercising with your dog: Six activities to try

| Blog | June 5, 2016

No matter what you or your dog’s level of physical fitness, there are plenty of fun ways of exercising together. Some dog owners adapt their regular sport, such as jogging, walking or cycling, to include their canine companion, while others take part in activities specially designed for doggie fun and fitness. Whatever you choose, your four-legged friend will thank you for the exercise and be calmer at home.



Running buddies

Dogs can be taken out running as soon as they’ve finished growing, usually once they’re around one year old. Depending on your dog’s level of fitness, you may need to take short breaks every so often. Plus, make sure you keep a close eye on your dog and stay attentive to their needs. Runners looking for another level of synergy can team up with their dogs for canicross — basically, cross-country running with dogs. This sport requires little in the way of equipment or expense. Get yourself a belt leash to help prevent back pain, loaded with a springy, shock-absorbing leash (like a bungee cord), with a level of flexibility to suit your dog’s size and strength. This should be attached to a harness, which is more comfortable for your dog to wear. You’ll burn as much energy as your canine companion, averaging around 600 calories per hour. For dog owners who prefer cycling, this system can also be adapted to cross-country mountain biking, although it’s important to train your dog to stay away from the wheels.

A walk in the countryside for total freedom

Walks in the great outdoors are ideal for ditching the leash while you and your dog frolic in the fresh air. Dogs can roam and explore to their hearts’ content, with all five of their senses awakened. Walking is a great form of exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment. However, remember to keep you and your pet hydrated and take extra care in hot weather. Also, make sure your dog heads out on an empty stomach, or you could end up taking an emergency trip to the vet with a dog suffering from bloating or a twisted stomach.

From Frisbee to flyball

Flyball is a dog sport that’s similar to Frisbee. Dogs have to run over a track of hurdles to a box that launches a tennis ball. They then have to catch the ball and bring it back to their owner via the same hurdles. This dog sport is popular in the USA and other English-speaking countries, and is gradually gaining ground in Europe. Since owners don’t need to run alongside their dogs, flyball is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Whether alone or as part of a competition, throwing a Frisbee or ball for your dog is a great form of exercise that’s lots of fun.

Doggie dancing

Invented in the USA a little over 15 years ago, dog dancing — known as canine freestyle — is a mix of obedience training, tricks and dance. Owners basically teach their dogs a routine to the soundtrack of their choice, training their dogs to twist and turn to the rhythm of the music. There’s a growing number of doggie dance clubs out there that can teach owners the basics, and competitions are now organized in several countries around the world.

A dip in the sea

While some dogs love to swim, others are scared of water. If your dog is reluctant to take the plunge, then don’t force them into the water. Like children, dogs should be closely supervised at all times when at the seaside. You’ll also need to check which beaches are open to dogs before you head out. Beware of saltwater, though, as it can cause severe diarrhea! Note that dogs can wear life jackets when riding in boats. And if the sea is too far away, try looking for a special dog swimming pool.

Jump obstacles on an agility course

For a great workout with your dog, take a trip to a canine fitness center or agility course, which can now be found in both town and country locations. This can be a great introduction to agility training, where dogs are directed through a course of obstacles by a specialist handler.

When exercising with your dog, avoid heading out after meals or in very hot weather. Make sure your dog drinks water regularly to stay hydrated and think about getting your dog to warm up before certain activities to avoid injury.

– AFP Relaxnews

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You are welcome to Sarawak Kennel Association ” German Sherpherd Dog Speciality Show , Aug 1 2016 “

| Blog | June 1, 2016

Sarawak Kennel Association German Sherpherd Dog Speciality Show Aug 1 2016 2016

Sarawak Kennel Association German Sherpherd Dog Speciality Show Aug 1 2016 2016

Click to enlarge .

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