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12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

| Blog | December 18, 2016

Afraid of owning a pet dog because you have children? Or you don’t know what to do with your four-legged buddy since your child has arrived? Well, most parents, especially first time parents, are very much apprehensive as to raising children alongside having pet dogs in the house. This is due to the stigma society has imposed – that dogs are danger to kids, dogs cause allergies, and dogs are dirty.

On the contrary, given the new age, the costs of having pet dogs and raising your children with them trample all these so-called problems. In fact, studies have shown that families who own a dog or two in the household who grew up with their pet dogs are happier, are closer, and are both healthy mentally and physically.

Among the perks of child rearing and having pet dogs are building relationships, boosting self-esteem, lowering stress levels, and being active. Children can easily develop a great deal of trust to their immediate surroundings, this being the pet dog. If at an early age, children are taught to love their furry buddies, the respect, responsibility, and relationship building will soon follow. This also in turn will help develop the child holistically.

Of course, parents play a major impact because children tend to take their parents as their models. So, as role models, parents should show how to be responsible for the pet, how to show love, respect and compassion, and build that trust.

Check out the well-crafted infographic below and discover the beauty of owning a pet while also raising your children at home. Maybe one day, we could all get rid of the stigma that has plagued dog owners with children worldwide.


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