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Top 10 common grooming mistakes

| Ads Categories | September 22, 2014

Copy from the Star ( Saturday September 20, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM  )

GROOMING is an important routine that helps maintain a pet’s appearance and physical health.

Pets need regular grooming to ensure that they stay healthy, apart from looking well-coiffed.

Those looking to adopt or buy a pet need to equip themselves with some general knowledge on grooming procedures. On the other hand, some long-time pet owners may be practising incorrect grooming methods.

Metro Online Broadcast (mob.com.my) speaks to to Groomers Connection Academy directors Ryan Leong and Rachel Yeoh, on common grooming mistakes and some general tips to keep pets looking pretty and healthy.

1. Brush your pet’s fur regularly

Cats and dogs of varying breeds have different lengths of fur and brushing can help manage it. Some owners experience their dog’s fur getting tangled, resulting in them seeking professional help to get it untangled. Leong says daily brushing is important to remove old fur. Read up before purchasing brushes for your pets as each type has a different function.
2. Cut it out

Some owners are unaware about trimming their pet’s nails. Some have accidentally trimmed too far and cut into the blood vessels. When clipping your pet’s nails, keep a solution or powderto stop bleeding if you cut too far.Yeoh said it was important not to panic or your pet would associate nail trimming with an unpleasant experience, making it difficult for future trims. Some dogs have a dewclaw, a nail which does not touch the ground, which also needs to be trimmed.
3. Bathing your cat

“There are many cat owners who assume that the felines do not need to be bathed because they groom themselves,” said Leong.Despite their self-grooming, dirt can still accumulate overtime. Additionally,
many pet owners assume their pets can with stand the same temperatures as they do. Leong explains that cats and dogs have a higher body temperature compared to humans, making it important to use lukewarm waterwhen bathing them.

4. Drying time

With ourtropical climate, air-drying is a popular way to dry your pets. However, Leong says the best hours to do so are in the morning and evening for approximately five to 15 minutes, depending on the size of your pet. Prolonged exposure to the afternoon sun can damage your pet’s coat while shaved pets may get sunburn or skin cancer. So, it is better to dry your pets indoors. When using a hairdryer, keep the temperature setting to cool.

5. Forthat bright ‘smile’

Similar to how people brush their teeth daily, Leong says cats and dogs need daily brushing to prevent gum problems and plaque build-up. Buy a toothbrush for your pet and an enzyme-based tooth paste. Alternatively, add a dollop of toothpaste on your fingertip to brush your pet’s teeth or mix it with the
pet food.

6. Keep yourshampoo to yourself

“If your pet has a skin condition, get a professional groomer or veterinarian to recommend the appropriate shampoo for your pet,” said Leong. He advises against using shampoo meant for people on pets as the latter have a different pHlevel acceptance. Many of our shampoos are too dry for your furry

7. The follow-up

Leong notes that many pet owners do not use a conditioner after shampooing their pets. However, conditioners are important not only to remove shampoo residue left on the pet’s coat, but also to spread natural oils and act as a temporary seal to control your pet’s oil glands.

8. Watch that behind

“Some pet owners assume that dogs drag their backside on the floor to clean itself after defecating, or chase after its tail to entertain itself,” said Leong. He says these may actually be signs that your pet’s anal gland is itchy or infected. The dog should be taken to the vet or pet groomer for further inspection, as the animal may need to have its anal gland excreted.
9. H20

Some animals dislike water. If you can, train your pet from infancy to drink it. However, pet owners who adopt older pets may face challenges when bathing them.You can start with a dry shampoo before introducing them to water.
10. Heart of a rabbit

A former rabbit owner was unaware that her pet rabbit should not be bathed until much later. Leong says rabbits have a weak heart and it is best not to bathe them or use a hairdryer on them. If necessary, use a dry cleaning powder or a dry shampoo to clean your pet rabbit.

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